5 Little Tips for Aesthetically Pleasing photographs

I thought and thought about what I would want my first blog to be about. After a lot of thinking, writing and deleting a number of different blogs on different topics, I decided it has to be about photographs that you instantly feel are pleasant, whatever the content or genre it maybe. It can be just flowers and leaves, or a persons hand in a frame. It can just be something someone took a photo of in their mobile phone camera!

What makes you look at a photograph and feel instantly "connected" or makes you think that it is a pretty picture? Aesthetics!!!

Aesthetics play a BIG role in creating this sort of effect.

Here are 5 little tips that I learnt and can help your photographs Look aesthetically (a little more) pleasing.


You compose your picture. You get to decide what goes in your photograph and where it goes. There is a list of things that can help you compose your picture to look aesthetically pleasing.

  • Placing your Subject: Placing your subject is what your composition is made of. The most common and used tool for composition is the Rule of thirds. If you're a photographer, just skip ahead, if not then the Rule of thirds is basically an already figured out way of placing your subject of interest to make it visually appealing. You break your image into thirds, both horizontally and vertically (like a tic-tac-toe grid). Placing your object of interest very near the line, when possible at the intersection of two lines, increases the visual appeal of your picture drastically. Having explained the rule, I want to point out that this isn't the ONLY way you compose, but is a great start. This isn't a hard and fast rule and can be broken whenever you choose to do so. You can even place your subject right in the centre of your frame. Remember, YOU ARE THE PHOTOGRAPHER!

  • Focus: you definitely want your subject in FOCUS, but what else do you want in focus? When it is a landscape you want everything in your frame to be in focus, whereas when it is a single flower or a person, you want only them in focus!! This can be achieved on your camera with adjusting your aperture! Smartphones come readily Equipped with “portrait mode” and “depth” . Use them!

  • Composition is a HUGE topic and is very subjective from person to person. Some of the other key things are mentioned below as tips and many others I will add in future blogs!


Even though you take a fraction of a second to click a photograph, your brain does all the detailing. What elements to add, what angle to photograph the Subject, can you use different colors, do you want to fill your frame, or leave space, everything is part of detailing.

Some things you can look out for other than the ones mentioned are: TEXTURES, PATTERNS, LINES, SYMMETRY AND ASYMMETRY and SHADOWS! Adding these to your pictures can increase the visual appeal by folds!


I personally like extremely moody photographs. As vague as that term is, it is something we want to keep in mind while creating a photograph. Try to incorporate the mood you want to convey. This can be done with kind of lighting you choose for your photograph or the environment and elements you choose. It can also be done in POST PROCESSING, which means editing (on Instagram: filters, basic adjustments, crops, all of that!)


If I had to mention one effect I like, it is Grains!! Grainy photographs give an "Old film" effect to your photographs and I absolutely love it! Although a lot of other people might not like grains in their photographs at all. Play around with the effects you create using grains by adjusting the size, intensity, etc. You can also use various “film filters“ that have already been created on applications

Color And Monochrome

Your photograph’s color can be the key thing that attracts an audience. Have you noticed how certain photographs instantly look more attractive when processed in black and white? Photographs that are of a single colour or Shades of a single color seem appealing? Even photos of contrasting colors look Bomb. Pastels are also extremely soothing to view. Color and color palettes can help you create something unique and attractive.

Yay! That is 5 things to help make some Aesthetically better photographs. There are so many more things that can help you create pretty pictures. I will try to put them in another blog post soon!

There is an ocean of things we can learn from each other and I hope this helps! Remember, even though I’ve penned down a list of things, you can do whatever you feel like.. YOU’RE THE PHOTOGRAPHER!! If you like this blog (or not) and want to know something more, let me know. Can’t wait share Other things I have in mind!!


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